Bake Tezos

Delegate address: tz1ei4WtWEMEJekSv8qDnu9PExG6Q8HgRGr3

Dynamic fee

We will collect only 10% of the reward and you will receive 90% of the delegation reward.

See the Important Notices section for the last announced key changes in our Baking Service.


You will receive your rewards after the completion of each baking cycle. All payment distributions can be confirmed and tracked through TzStats.

Payout address: tz1NAozDvi5e7frVq9cUaC3uXQQannemB8Jw

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What is Tezos?

Tezos is a DPoS (delegated proof of stake) cryptocurrency. This concept allows you receiving additional Tezos for free if you take part in supporting the Tezos network. This process is called Baking.

Why Baking?

Baking means that a Tezos owner with a minimum of 8,000 Tezos can take part in creating a new blocks and earn rewards. Annual inflation on the Tezos network is set to 5.5% and if you don't bake or don’t delegate to a baker, you are missing out on this interest and giving it up to others participants.

Why delegate to BakeTz?

The idea is to have as many bakers as possible to insure the decentralization of the Tezos network. BakeTz offers the service to support a maximum decentralization. We also offer dynamic fees based on your delegation amount. Our service based and operates in Canada.

Can I lose my Tezos?

No, you cannot lose any Tezos because you only give us the permission to bake on your behalf while retaining a full control of your Tezos funds.

When will I get paid?

The first payment will be delivered after 12 cycles since the delegation. All consecutive payments will be delivered as soon as they are processed and released by the Tezos network. The process of rewards delivery can be monitored through TzStats website in real time.

How to delegate?

To delegate using tezbox:

If using CLI:

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